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Hand Hygiene
COVID-19 Information
& Resources
Keep yourself and your loved ones safe by following the guidelines of CDC and local health departments. 

CDC Guidelines

Find resources shared by the CDC that can help you stay informed about COVID-19. Go here to find pdf files of these two documents and many more.

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Stay Informed

The COVID-19 worldwide pandemic has affected every American in so many ways and we are all learning how to live with the threat of it. But there are some simple things that you can do to decrease the likelihood of contracting the virus or spreading it to your loved ones. Stay informed of ever-changing news related to the spread of the virus, treatments and development of vaccines. Learn how to protect yourself and others.

Anchorage School District 2021

Messages from School Superintendent

In additional to twice-monthly updates, Deena Bishop, Ed.D., Superintendent for the Anchorage School District started a new video series called “Seconds with the Superintendent” where she shares her thoughts on current issues and events in the District, in about 60 seconds or less. If you would like to stay informed about the District's plans and policies concerning COVID-19, watch for these communications on the district website.

Alaska COVID-19 Resources

Get Vaccinated and Boosted!
It's free and could save your life.

Alaska Department of Health and Social Services


Navigate the current phase of Alaska's COVID-19 response:

Reopening Alaska Responsibly

DHSS guidance documents

Health mandates

Health alerts for the public

Health alerts for clinicians

Multi-lingual and American Sign Language resources

Search CDC's guidance

Read the latest guidance from the department:

Large gatherings and crowds


Guidance for parents, schools, and childcare programs
from the Center for Disease Control

Be sure and wear your mask
and follow these hashtags on
facebook, twitter, or instagram 
for information and guidance.






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