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3.14 Action Fund Endorses Janice Park for Alaska


May 10, 2024


3.14 Action Fund Endorses Janice Park for Alaska


Anchorage, AK: Today, Janice Park is thrilled to announce the endorsement of her state senate campaign by 3.14 Action Fund, a national organization dedicated to electing STEM professionals to public office. This endorsement from a leading advocate for science and evidence-based policies underscores Janice's commitment to informed legislative leadership in Alaska.


Known for supporting candidates who apply scientific understanding to solve complex problems, the 3.14 Action Fund recognizes Janice's robust background in healthcare and community service as pivotal for advancing science-forward policies. With her deep roots in public health and education, Janice aligns with the fund's mission to champion STEM professionals in government roles.


"I am thrilled to have the backing of the 3.14 Action Fund," said Janice Park. "This endorsement not only reaffirms my commitment to science and education but also energizes our campaign to advocate for practical and sustainable solutions to the challenges facing Alaskans today."


Janice is focused on enhancing Alaska's educational systems, improving public health infrastructure, and addressing the urgent need for climate change mitigation. Her professional experience as a nurse, entrepreneur, and legal advocate for Alaskan families equips her with invaluable insights and a deep grasp of the issues that impact Alaskan families.


With this new endorsement, Janice aims to further initiatives that increase educational funding, support sustainable energy projects, and enhance public health services across the state.


Please visit Janice Park's official campaign website to learn more about her candidacy and legislative priorities.



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