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Fake News & False Facts—We Deserve Better.

Dear Friend,

Well, it looks like Senator Kaufman isn’t even trying to hide his extremist views on public education anymore. He recently updated his website with a link citing educational “data” from the Alaska Policy Forum, a dark money-funded right-wing conservative think tank that strongly advocates using public money to fund private and religious schools, a direct violation of Alaska’s Constitution.

Don’t be surprised, though, because this is exactly who my opponent is—a partisan party loyalist who supports special interests rather than the hardworking families he was elected to serve. Instead of standing up for our schools, educators, and families, he prioritizes false facts and fake news over the educational needs of our children.

This is the kind of failed leadership Alaskans don’t deserve.

Every day I knock on doors and talk to voters, and everywhere I go, I hear that ensuring quality education, adequate funding for our schools, and competitive retirement benefits for our hard-working teachers and public employees are top concerns.

It's a pleasure speaking with so many people who are passionate about equipping Alaska's next generation with the tools they need to succeed, and I am grateful to have earned their support.

The time for action and leadership to improve public education in Alaska was two years ago. Thank you for your service, senator, but we need true bipartisan leadership that ends legislative gridlock and inaction, not more of the same hollow word salad and lower 48 talking points.


With your support, we can restore our promise to our public servants and make public education the priority it must be.

With gratitude,



P.S. If you have already donated, thank you. I appreciate your support!


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