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Kaufman's Dangerous Bet on Guns in Schools

Updated: May 10

In a move that defies common sense and undermines the safety of our children, Senator James Kaufman voted last Friday to advance SB 173, which would arm teachers and volunteers in our schools. His vote demonstrates that he is dangerously out of touch.

While the nation cries out for sensible gun control, Senator Kaufman has shown his true colors, once again aligning himself with an extreme ideology and demonstrating a flagrant disregard for the well-being of our children and educators.

It's a clear indication that my opponent is willing to sacrifice the safety of our schools on the altar of extremism. We need to ask ourselves: Do we want leaders who prioritize ideological extremism over our children's safety?

Enough is enough.

We cannot stand by as he pushes an agenda that seeks to turn our schools into battlegrounds. His radical stance on SB 173 makes clear that he is too extreme to continue representing our interests in Juneau.

As someone without children, he will never know the fear of sending a child to a school where their safety is at risk.

Elections are on the horizon. Remember that our schools, children, and futures are at stake. We need leaders who advocate for safety and common sense, not guns in our classrooms.

Thank you for standing with me in the fight for sensible leadership. Together, we can ensure that our voices are heard loud and clear in November.

With resolve,

Janice Park


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