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My Opponent's "New Direction."

I’ve come across a rather…interesting photo that I just had to share.

It seems that Dave Bronson isn’t taking his voter-mandated retirement very well and has chosen to bring his years of failures and controversies to the campaign trail in support of another candidate who, let’s just say, doesn’t have the best track record either.

Remember Dave Bronson? Let’s jog your memory:

  • His unauthorized $4.9 million homeless shelter project without Assembly approval left the city in financial turmoil.

  • He fostered a toxic workplace rife with sexism, culminating in a high-profile wrongful termination lawsuit from his own municipal manager.

  • From defunding school resource officers out of the municipal budget to crippling staffing levels within the Anchorage Police Department, Bronson’s actions have consistently undermined public safety.

But to be clear, Kaufman’s “New Direction” tracks with Bronson’s own failures. The last thing we need is more of this brand of chaos, but that’s exactly what my opponent is promising if re-elected.

  • More chaos for our educators, first responders, and other public servants who work without the promise of a secure financial future.

  • More chaos for hard-working families who can’t find widely available and affordable childcare.

  • More chaos as outmigration continues to rise because Alaskans are fleeing to other states looking for better-paying jobs.

Unlike my opponent, I'm running to bring real solutions to our community, not chaos. We deserve better than empty promises and failed leadership.

I'll tackle the teacher retention crisis and bring forward a capital funding proposal that would pave the way for the next generation of childcare providers so that we can support hard-working families in Anchorage.

I was supposed to be running against two Republicans, but with the lingering influence of a defeated Dave Bronson, it’s feeling A LOT like three.

With your support, we can outsmart, outwork, and outlast all of them. I encourage you to chip in today and show them what real leadership looks like!



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