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Release: Janice Park Officially Declares Candidacy for State Senate


May 21, 2024

Janice Park Announces Candidacy for Alaska State Senate District F

Anchorage, AK: Janice Park officially declared her candidacy for State Senate, filing today with the State Division of Elections. With a career marked by a commitment to public service and community improvement, her entry into the race provides a clear and compelling choice for voters seeking a proven community leader willing to work across the aisle and help end the legislative gridlock on our state's most pressing issues.

"Together, we can do better to secure Alaska’s future. By prioritizing public education, providing competitive retirement benefits for our hard-working teachers and public employees, and passing a long-term fiscal plan, we will pave the way for the next generation,” Janice Park stated.

Janice is a relentless supporter of public education. Recognizing the critical role that education plays in securing Alaska’s future, she has consistently advocated for increased funding and resources for schools.

"Alaska's reliance on state funding for education highlights our constitutional responsibility to ensure every child has access to quality education," said Janice. “I pledge to fight for sustainable, long-term solutions to the funding issues plaguing the state's education system, including the need to adjust funding formulas to account for inflation and rising costs.”

Janice is a strong proponent of restoring a defined benefit plan for Alaska's educators, first responders, and other public employees. She has criticized recent legislative moves that undermine these benefits and has committed to championing policies that ensure financial security and stability for public servants. "Our public servants deserve the security of knowing they can retire with dignity," Janice stated.

Moreover, Janice understands that Alaska urgently needs a comprehensive long-term fiscal plan to ensure the state's financial stability and future prosperity. “The legislature’s dependence on the volatility of oil prices and Alaska’s Permanent Fund isn’t sustainable. It is time for a change in Juneau,” said Janice.

Janice’s career spans multiple roles, including nurse, entrepreneur, and legal advocate, reflecting her broad expertise and dedication to public service. She co-founded Alaska Water Systems, providing essential services to communities across the state. As a paralegal, Janice has fought tirelessly for fair settlements for Alaskan families, helping to set legal precedents that benefit our communities.

To learn more about Janice Park, her campaign, and how you can get involved, visit or follow her on social media.



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