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Sen. Kaufman Just Did It Again

Senator Kaufman just did it again. Yesterday, he voted against SB88, a bill that would provide educators and our public servants a retirement, leaving families in our district and across the state in utter disbelief.

It's clear - Senator Kaufman isn't just out of touch; he's out of step, actively working against the interests of Alaskans who know that attracting and retaining public workers is the key to securing Alaska's future.

His refusal to listen to those who need support the most, aligning instead with his own shadowy political agenda, is a betrayal of his duty as an elected official.

Nobody should be represented by someone so eager to turn a deaf ear to those crying out for support.

But here's where we turn the page. I'm not just challenging Senator Kaufman; I'm challenging the status quo. Our educators and public workers need a champion, and our families deserve a voice that echoes their concerns.

I am committed to being that voice.

A donation of any size today can spark the change we desperately need. It's time to show that when it comes to the future of our state, every voice matters – especially yours.



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