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Our Journey to Juneau Begins Today

I am excited to announce my candidacy for the Alaska State Senate, representing District F. In my previous campaigns, I stood as a solo fighter, however this campaign marks a new chapter with a dynamic team, bringing together diverse skillsets and experiences to help propel us to victory in November.

I bring to this campaign a lifetime of experience in health, infrastructure, and the law. Growing up in a military family that instilled the value of hard work and union solidarity deeply influenced me. My journey to Alaska was one of resilience, driving the Alaska Highway with a toddler and a cat, culminating in co-founding Alaska Water Systems and later advocating for Alaskan families as a paralegal​​.

Our campaign is centered on the core values and issues that matter most to everyday Alaskans.

The education of our children is crucial; I’ll fight for increased and consistent school funding, not just intermittent boosts that leave school districts in uncertainty and turmoil.

I’ll champion the financial security of our teachers and public employees to ensure their stability and attract and retain top talent to our state​​.

I’ll work towards practical solutions to address the childcare crisis such as streamlining licensing processes, fostering community engagement, and implementing Universal Pre-K to support our hardworking families and ensure the well-being of the next generation.

Our campaign is not just for today or this year, but for Alaska’s future. I am energized and ready to take on these challenges with your support.

The journey to Juneau begins today. Please join us.



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