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Sen. Kaufman's #EpicFail Lets Down Families

My opponent, Sen. Kaufman, just voted against overturning Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s disastrous veto of $87 million in public education funding.

Because of his vote, the Anchorage School District will be forced to increase class sizes and make cuts to beloved programs like IGNITE and language immersion.

Kaufman failed his constituents with his ‘nay’ vote, delivering a slap in the face to every teacher, student, and family in our district.

While he remains in office, there is no chance of successfully overturning a Dunleavy veto that harms our families and the education professionals who selflessly dedicate their lives to teaching our children.

As a proud parent whose children graduated from public schools, I would have voted to override Dunleavy’s veto because I deeply understand the importance of investing in our kids, teachers, and schools.

I'm running in this race to help secure Alaska's future. Please make a generous donation today. With your support, we can win in November and reignite the hope that Sen. Kaufman extinguished with his vote against our schools.



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